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Cover all short positions at this time. You should have profit in your TZA and BGZ trades for those of you who took advantage. While we still believe this market is headed down we may get a better buying position on our short trades in the next few days.

It's time to sell all of your remaining equities or funds within your family of funds that have equities in your retirement accounts. The risk is just too great. You could wake up some morning and see the DOW down a thousand points or more. Those of you with 401K programs move your money into short term money market accounts. Those of you who have IRA accounts, self directed IRA accounts or trading accounts who can purchase Exchange Traded Funds put 50 % of your position in TZA or BGZ. These funds will go up in value as the market goes down.

Protect Your Retirement


Forecast Highlights Sample

Those of you who have retirement accounts in mutual funds should consider selling those funds and purchasing 30 T-Bills if and when the Dow returns to 11,600 to 11,750. It has an 80% chance of not closing above 11,750 two days in a row when it gets there and at that point returning and taking out the previous low which could be the low you are seeing now the week of 07/13/08. It would also be wise to purchase Bear funds that go up in value as the markets go down. So if you get a chance to sell when the Dow reaches those levels I highly suggest you do so. If I'm wrong and the 20% close above 11,750 does occur just simply buy them back. You would then be looking at possible new highs on the Dow, leaving very little on the table but knowing your going higher. 

Congratulations to those of you who took our advice the first week of July and sold your Mutual Funds from retirement accounts. Depending on which funds they were you are 40 to 60% better off than those who didn't. You now have 100% of your retirement to reinvest when the time is right and it's getting close. For those of you who took our advice and bought Bear Funds, another congratulations. Our recommendation of purchasing SDS on July 17th at 69.50 is a big winner. SDS as of 10/10 went as high as 128.91 and closed at 110.88. By taking our advice some of you have made 40 or more points on the market going down in less than 3 Months. How's that for an annual return? Now it's getting close to reversing the position. We fully expect our forecasted objective of 7,500 on the Dow to be met and then some. But if these markets are going to survive and we believe they will, the Dow will find major support at 7,200. It doesn't matter if it goes through that number for a short time because that's where Big Money will be buying everything they can get their hands on. The problem is the market may not stay down there long enough for you to purchase what we recommend so here is what we suggest you do. As the Dow goes through 7,500 down to 7,200 we highly recommend purchasing Large Cap, Blue Chip Funds to go back into your retirement accounts. If you are able to buy individual stocks we have narrowed down a few that are heavily oversold and will move 10 points or more very quickly. They are BAC, GS, C, SPY, SOHU, ZOLT, GE, MSFT, T, DIA, XOM as long as crude stays above 78.50, HD, UTX and DD to mention a few. SDS and SKF were good buys as the market was coming down, they will be excellent sells as the market goes up. We believe 7,200 on the Dow will become a major base for years to come so just as selling everything when the Dow closed below 11,750, it is now time to buy everything as the Dow approaches 7,200. As mentioned earlier it is possible to penetrate 7,200 and go down to the 6,600 or so level because of momentum but over a very short period of time it will return and close above 7,200. So don't worry if it goes through 7,200. Just look at it as being another buying opportunity. If for some reason or another the Dow opens below 7,200 BUY, BUY, BUY you will never get an opportunity like that again.


Mike Davis has been handling my account just a little over 2 years or should I say right before the "Big Crash" in 2008. Mike advised me to get out of the market and put my money in a Money Market Account and sit tight. The Market as we know dropped all the way down to 6000. As the Market started to move up Mike advised me to get back in, I did. The great thing about Mike he is not interested in making money from every trade, he is more interested in your money personally and giving me the best advice as possible. I execute my own trades with a discount broker. Obviously no one can determine exactly when the Market will go up or down but I can say he is the best I have ever seen. My 401K account as of today is up 43.3 percent since January 1, 2010 through October 21, 2010.  This is really the only Fact that counts.

Simon Hewitt

From: Simon Hewitt
To: Mike Davis
Sent: Fri, July 2, 2010 1:48:11 PM

I have known Mike Davis for many years. It wasn't until May of 2008 that Mike started advising me about my personal retirement account. I currently have a 401K through my Company and have had this for about 15 years. I have never checked on it because I really didn't know what I was doing. I was advised many years ago to buy blue chip, international and company stocks. I just trusted the system and figured my money would be safe and always grow.  Wow was I wrong.  Mike informed me in May of 2008 that I need to get out of the stocks and place it in a Money Market because the market was getting ready to drop.  Mike walked me through the process and I did so. The market dropped Five Thousand points and my money was safe.. Since this date Mike advised me a year ago March to buy my stocks back and watch the Market go up and it did.  During this time Mike has saved and made me over $200,000.00 .

I have been around a lot of people who are in the business and I have never met anyone who knows the Market like Mike Davis. I have always been told by my investors to HOLD HOLD HOLD. and they couldn't have been more incorrect. Mike has a knack for the Market and always seems to know when it will go up or down. Obviously no-one is perfect but I can tell you he is more often correct than he is not. Mike takes personal pride in helping people with their investments. So many times the investor is caught up making money with your buys and telling you to sell.  I have 100% confidence in Mike when it comes to the Market.  Since I have been dealing with Mike many of my friends have also started working with him and they are as happy as I am.  

That's what I need was someone who took a personal interest in my retirement accounts and I have that with MIKE DAVIS..


Letter from Jason Woody May 12, 2010

My name is Jason.  I have been trading stocks since the summer of 1991.  Well, I thought I had been trading stocks.  I did have a few homeruns, but I also had a lot of bad trades. It was not until I met Mike Davis in April 2007 on a fishing trip, that I really understood how the market works.  The first time I met Mike Davis, he told me about a stock, ZOLT and told me what the stock would do.  Me like most, that have never met someone was skeptical, so I decided to put ZOLT on my watch list and watch it.  To my surprise it did exactly what Mike Davis said it would do.  Davis called me with excitement about making me money.  When he found out I did not make the purchase, he was devastated.  I told him I wanted to watch one or two for the time being.  He understood and we moved on.  When the next trade came up he called and I bought.  Boy was I glad I did.  What did we buy?  Yep, ZOLT off of a big pull back.  We have bought and sold together since that day.  He has kept me under his wing the whole way.  I have made money every year since, that was never the case before I met Mike Davis.  I looked at nothing but the fundamental side of the market.  He has been teaching me the technical side.  

I love it.  

It is exciting. His system has proven to me trade after trade, little risk more reward.  Yes we have had trades  stopped out, but everyone has.  We are always ahead in the end.  Because we buy at the bottom there is little risk if we get stopped out.  We sell just before the systems top to guarantee our profits.  His system will amaze anyone that follows it, because of his teachings.  Mike Davis has a masterpiece that is more than valuable to any investor.  I will never trade without it again.  His record speaks for itself.  One more thing, in April 2008, Mike Davis and I were fishing again.  We had a third guest with us that had never met Mike.  He just happened to be a stock broker.  When Mike said, I want to tell you two both something; the DOW is going to 7200.  The DOW was around 13,000 at that time.  We looked at each other and said surely not.  Mike sat there very calm, and said you just wait and see.  In July 2008, we started shorting the market.  It was the best year I had ever had.  The stock broker now follows Mike Davis’s advice along with me and many others.  I would recommend this program to anyone who will follow it exactly the way he teaches you.  You will not be sorry.  Thank you NCSO and Mike Davis


To: Mike Davis
From: Mike Tognetti
Date: 5/14/2010
Subject: Trading Recommendations

I have known and worked with Mike Davis for 25 years. In the late eighties Mike traded for the house account and “called the market” for the firm. The firm used his technical analysis for the purpose of trading Treasury Bonds and Treasury Futures and for making trade recommendations for institutional investors. He used this expertise in the next two firms to trade and make trade recommendations in the municipal market. Mike has worked long and hard studying and developing the system that he uses. I believe it to be a valuable tool in making trading decisions.

Mike Tognetti     

From: Scott Stacks 
Sent: Fri, May 7, 2010 9:15:59 AM
Subject: No Count Stay Out

My name is Scott and have been following Mike Davis at No Count Stay Out from the beginning. If you look at the website it will show the detailed calls of the crash and the rebound. This site is all about the "Time Value of Money". Although no one is perfect this website has been flawless in their prediction. Mike told me in 2008 that if the market crosses 11,750 on the downside it will go to 7500 and this happened like clockwork. While the market was going down my broker was steadily telling me were going to level off and i was telling him you better look at nocountstayout.com Most of his clients got out about the 9500 level and some rode all the way down to the mid 6000 level. I was saying "i told you so" Mike said if it crossed 11,750 everybody better get out of equity's. I had a lot freinds ride the dow back up but i had a few friends listen to Mike and make some real Money with his recommendations like Ibm, Ge, FO, Gs, Dd, F,  Cytx from 3 to 9 and more. Most importantly his last prediction of a couple months ago that at 11,250 again the dow would pull back, it got to 11250 and we are sitting at 10431 this morning and that is up from a 1000 point drop in yesterday's trading. I feel like i would be naked without the tools without Mike and his team of experts. You can trust whoever and whatever website or Investment house you want but i am trusting a true expert that is not trying to make money every time you buy or sell a stock or posistion. If you are wanting to make money in certain and uncertain times this proven team has been finding a way to do so for years.

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