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ILI-bull-market-300x225A few years ago I heard a lady talking on national television about losing her entire savings in Enron corporation. She apparently had all of her retirement in Enron stock and lost it all when it collapsed. You should never have your entire retirement portfolio in one individual stock.  Although, if you do own a large amount of one individual company's stock then you need a FREE CHART ANALYSIS of that particular stock from NCSO. If the lady had known about NCSO at the time she would have been out of Enron at $80.00 a share instead of letting it go all the way down to zero. For your own piece of mind, get a customized chart made today. Go to contact us and let us know the symbol and we will do the rest, IT'S FREE!

stock-help-copyIn order to prepare for the possible final move up in the markets you will need to get into investments that are liquid. Each retirement program is different, usually depending on the size of your company. It doesn't matter if you or a Professional decided where to put your money in in the past. What matters is getting into a liquid investment so that you can sell in the next move up on the Dow Jones Industrial Average. That means an investment that can be bought and sold without penalty and turned into cash in a days notice and no longer subject to market prices. Most retirement accounts offer Large Cap funds and Small Cap funds. If yours does not then you want to check and see which ones are available within your family of funds. You want to invest in something that moves up and down with the Dow Jones Industrial Average. That can also be company stock depending on the size of your company. The second investment you want to make sure your retirement account offers is a short term treasury fund or cash account within your family of funds. That's all you need. Nothing else. Anything else is a waste of time and money. You see it's real simple. If you're invested in something that doesn't move up or down with the Dow then you're speculating or gambling with your retirement. So we tell all subscribers to invest into something that can be sold and converted into cash on a given notice. If you have IRA accounts then we suggest you buy TNA and SPXL which are symbols for Large Cap and Small Cap Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) that move up in price when the Dow and S&P move up in price.

You will also be able to take advantage of down markets by purchasing symbols TZA and SPXS that move up in price as the Dow goes down. These are very liquid investments in today's market. This investment, until recently has only been available for Professionals who short the market. In other words they make money while the markets go down, while your buy and hold strategy loses money. You see, the markets are moved by big money, up and down and when they buy or sell the markets they usually move the Dow a thousand points or more. NCSO knows from trading and investing as much as 120 million dollars on any given day in the mid eighties and thirty six years experience when big money is selling and buying and tells you to do the same thing. Most Professionals don't have a clue what we do because they have never done it. They continue to take credit for the market going up and when your investments go down in value it's just the market going down and there's nothing they can do about it. To NCSO, true Professionals know both. There are only a hand full and most of them would not be handling your account. That's why this website was created in July 2008. To give the small investor the same opportunity as big money. It is our opinion our forecasts are second to none and if there happens to be someone better they would be a lot higher than $29.00 a month. It is time you took control of the second most precious thing in your life. If you don't take control and leave your retirement up to someone that didn't get you out in the last crash, then how can you expect them to get you out in the next?


The cost to become a subscriber is $29 a month. Subscription payments of $29 will be automatically billed to your credit card every 30 days on the same day of the month your initial subscription payment was made. You may cancel your subscription at any time.

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Those of you who have retirement accounts in mutual funds should consider selling those funds and purchasing 30 T-Bills if and when the Dow returns to 11,600 to 11,750. It has an 80% chance of not closing above 11,750 two days in a row when it gets there and at that point returning and taking out the previous low which could be the low you are seeing now the week of 07/13/08. It would also be wise to purchase Bear funds that go up in value as the markets go down. So if you get a chance to sell when the Dow reaches those levels I highly suggest you do so. If I'm wrong and the 20% close above 11,750 does occur just simply buy them back. You would then be looking at possible new highs on the Dow, leaving very little on the table but knowing your going higher. 

Congratulations to those of you who took our advice the first week of July and sold your Mutual Funds from retirement accounts. Depending on which funds they were you are 40 to 60% better off than those who didn't. You now have 100% of your retirement to reinvest when the time is right and it's getting close. For those of you who took our advice and bought Bear Funds, another congratulations. Our recommendation of purchasing SDS on July 17th at 69.50 is a big winner. SDS as of 10/10 went as high as 128.91 and closed at 110.88. By taking our advice some of you have made 40 or more points on the market going down in less than 3 Months. How's that for an annual return? Now it's getting close to reversing the position. We fully expect our forecasted objective of 7,500 on the Dow to be met and then some. But if these markets are going to survive and we believe they will, the Dow will find major support at 7,200. It doesn't matter if it goes through that number for a short time because that's where Big Money will be buying everything they can get their hands on. The problem is the market may not stay down there long enough for you to purchase what we recommend so here is what we suggest you do. As the Dow goes through 7,500 down to 7,200 we highly recommend purchasing Large Cap, Blue Chip Funds to go back into your retirement accounts. If you are able to buy individual stocks we have narrowed down a few that are heavily oversold and will move 10 points or more very quickly. They are BAC, GS, C, SPY, SOHU, ZOLT, GE, MSFT, T, DIA, XOM as long as crude stays above 78.50, HD, UTX and DD to mention a few. SDS and SKF were good buys as the market was coming down, they will be excellent sells as the market goes up. We believe 7,200 on the Dow will become a major base for years to come so just as selling everything when the Dow closed below 11,750, it is now time to buy everything as the Dow approaches 7,200. As mentioned earlier it is possible to penetrate 7,200 and go down to the 6,600 or so level because of momentum but over a very short period of time it will return and close above 7,200. So don't worry if it goes through 7,200. Just look at it as being another buying opportunity. If for some reason or another the Dow opens below 7,200 BUY, BUY, BUY you will never get an opportunity like that again.

NCSO is growing because of it's accuracy in fore-casting markets. Many investors have saved their retirement from significant depreciation because of subscribing to NCSO.
Is your retirement worth $29.00 a month?

Our main objective is to protect your retirement account, Once we do that, we also try to give you information that will  make money for the accounts who can purchase individual stocks or ETFs, which is secondary to retirement accounts. Our main objective on those trades is to make you money, which is the case yesterday. We came out of our short trades one day early, thinking we might be able to put the short trades on at higher price. We didn't get that chance but we still made a profit, just not as much as we would have liked. Either way, your retirement was protected. This will be the last free update for NCSO. The site will become a subscribers website and here's why. When we first started this website in July 2008, we wanted everyone who had a retirement account to be able to get the same information about BIG MONEY. That means even if your retirement account had just a little in it, you could trade in and out of your accounts with some direction that only a privileged few receive. That hasn't happened. In fact we have found a lot of people who frequent the site, and make money from it, don't tell anyone about it. The reasons are obvious. This information is second to none on what the DOW and other markets are going to do. We find individuals, brokers, money managers and hedge fund managers using and selling this information for their own gain. This defeats our purpose. All we ever wanted was for everyone to be able to be on the same playing field as BIG MONEY. So a small percentage of your subscription will go to overhead. The majority will go into an advertising fund for newspapers, radio, magazines and possibly TV so that everyone can have access to the information.We hope our subscription fee will be among the lowest in the industry and we have no doubt the information you get will have the highest degree of accuracy. Thank you for your subscription and please tell others about this site


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